Students must understand that it is their responsibility to uphold and maintain the academic standards and integrity as set forth by The Church of God by Faith Theological Institute; (hereafter known as “CTI”). Any CTI student observed in violation of this agreement will be subject to an academic review of their curriculum by the Registrar. The Academic Deans will determine the best and most fair adjudication of all violations. Students understand that they will have the opportunity to express their reasons for all violations and may request a personal interview with the Academic Deans prior to the adjudication of the violation. Students must certify that they have neither given nor will receive unauthorized aid on assignments without the express permission of the Academic Deans and the Instructor.

Students further understand that anyone who has reasonable grounds to believe that an infraction of this agreement has occurred, has an obligation to report the alleged violation.

All work submitted must be created without artificial intelligence assistance. CTI strictly forbids using ChatGPT or any other generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools at all stages of the work process, including brainstorming. Deviations from these guidelines will be considered plagiarism which is a violation of CTI’s academic integrity policy.  



No Church of God by Faith Theological Institute (CTI) publications, lectures, recordings, media, merchandise, trademarks or logos may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods.