THE EXAMINING BOARD, also known as the Ordination Board, was instituted in 1959 by Elder John Robinson, Jr., where the Executive Elders were presented the idea of an internal pastoral training program. Since that time, the COGBF has maintained an internal program to train, examine and license prospective ministers and elders. Those who enroll must undergo years of rigorous training before becoming an ordained leader in this Church. The Board is staffed by committed elders with decades of service to the Lord and the COGBF, Inc., under the leadership of presiding EB Chairman, Dr. Harry J. Johnson.
The duties, assignments, and roles of the Examining Board (EB) changed in 2016 with the official launch of the Church of God by Faith Theological Institute (CTI). Formerly, the EB had the primary responsibility of teaching and examining ministry candidates. In Fall 2015, the Executive Council reorganized this program as CTI became primarily responsible for instructing students and the EB took on the examining process. Several EB members have served as instructors, while others felt they were better suited to assist with the examining process.


Examining Board Completion Process

Prior to the confirmation of all elders, ministers, and deacons, this Examination Course, as well as all other required CTI courses, must be completed before graduation (and/or ordination/consecration). The Examining Board will conduct six weeks of online instructions with live exit interviews and instructions at the Summer Conventions. All candidates must complete this process to be ordained/consecrated.
An examination of the personal character of candidates, as well as the comprehensive review of their CTI training, is required. Examinations may include essays, oral exams, online test, or short answers exams. Students must earn a grade of a “C” or better on their overall score to pass. Standard tuition and fees apply. Once candidates have completed all examination requirements, the Examining Board will submit the candidate’s status to the president and dean of CTI for graduation. The EB will also seek approval for the candidate’s ordination from the Executive Council.


Supt. Harry Johnson, M.Div, D.D.
Examining Board Chairman
Elder Rudolph Berry, M.Div, D.D.
Examining Board Vice-Chairman
Elder Jesse Covington, B.S.E.E., D.D.
Examining Board Secretary
harvey portrait
Elder Harvey Lawrence, EB.Ed, D.D.
EBD300 Examiner
Elder Larry Lee, D.D., Ph.D.
EBM200/400 Examiner
Ruling Elder Reginald Daymon, EB.Ed, D.D.
EBM200/400 Examiner
Emeritus Supt. Willie McKnight, M.Div, D.D.
EBM200/400 Examiner
Minister Aretha Crayton, B.A., EB.AMS
EBW350 Examiner
Elder Terrance Walker, B.S.Chem., EB.Ed.
EB Administrative Assistant

99th General Assembly Ordination Service