Winter 2019 schedule 
  introducing new student sycamore support site
Please click on the link to the right to see the new Sycamore Support page. This site offers 12-brief videos to show students how to perform all of the critical functions such as submitting to Dropbox, paying fees, taking tests online and short-answer tests, checking grades and so much more. 
  why enroll in cti? 
CTI IS BIBLICAL All certificate programs are taught by committed instructors and are firmly grounded in Scripture.
CTI IS CONVENIENT – Most courses are taught online using state-of-the-art technologies which are both interactive and convenient for students.
CTI IS AFFORDABLE – CTI provides high quality Christian Education at affordable tuition rates. The goal is to educate as many men and women as possible to advance the cause of Christ.
CTI IS STABLE – The Church of God by Faith was founded in 1914.  As early as 1926, quality education and training was provided for leaders. In the year 1959, the training was organized into what was called the Examining Board. In January 2016, the program was made available online and relaunched into what is now called the Church of God by Faith Theological Institute.  
CTI IS AUTHORIZED – The Church of God by Faith Theological Institute (CTI) is registered under Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001. of the Commission of Independent Christian Education by the State of Florida.  CTI was also approved as an 501c3, Independent Christian College by the Federal Government.
CTI EXISTS TO HELP YOU – Do you want to learn more about the Bible? Have you been call to teach or preach? Are you serving in a role in your church and need additional training? If you can answer “yes” to any of these, then CTI can help you.
  important dates 
FALL 2019
  • Registration starts: July 15, 2019
  • Last day to register for classes:  August 8, 2019
  • Tuition and Fees deadline: August 16, 2019
  • First Day of Classes: August 10, 2019
  • Last day to drop a class with refund: August 23, 2019
  • Last Day to withdraw with “W” no refund: August 30, 2019
  • Last day of term: November 23, 2019
  • Registration starts: October 21, 2019
  • Last day to register for classes: December 6, 2019
  • Tuition and Fees deadline: December 6, 2019
  • First Day of Classes: December 6, 2019
  • Last day to drop a class with refund: December 19, 2019
  • Last Day to withdraw with “W” no refund: December 24, 2019
  • Last day of term: December 30, 2019
  important cti news 
CTI FACULTY LUNCHEON – During the Impact 2019 Conference, the CTI faculty and staff met a the National Office in Jacksonville, FL for a beautiful lunch that was coordinated by Registrar Sherrie Roberts. The lunch was attended by most CTI staff as well as administrators from the Examining Board, National Office and Bookstore. The food was awesome and fellowship even better. Awards and special recognition was presented and a good time was enjoyed by all. 
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CTI MINISTERIAL ASSISTANCE POLICY As a minister in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, you qualify for certain biblically supported Ecclesiastical rights.  For reference review the following; Luke 10:7; I Cor. 9:3-11. Moreover, the presiding Bishop of the Church of God by Faith has confirmed his allegiance with you and his support of the preceding scriptures.  As such we, hereby set forth the following policy for those ministerial students qualified for ordination in Church of God by Faith Theological Institute (CTI) program.  This policy includes, both male and female candidates who meet the following stipulations. This policy, likewise, further stipulates guidelines…READ MORE HERE.
The Executive Council met in Jacksonville and engaged in a comprehensive review of the Pastors and Ministers Continuing Education Program. There were several policy changes that affects older pastors, consecrated women ministers as well as leaders who graduated from CTI. 
It is crucially important that each minister or elder read this document carefully and adheres to the policy changes. If you have additional questions, either contact your superintendent or call the CTI Office at 904-777-1027. 
At CTI, the singular purpose for Global Missions is to train missionaries at every age to serve locally, regionally and abroad. To meet that end, the staff at CTI has engaged in a comprehensive study of the best practices among denominational churches. It was concluded without equivocation that much work needs to be done if the COGBF is to rise to a higher level. One of the goals is to make the term “missionary” an acceptable calling across all demographics in the COGBF. When Mother Willie Slater Smith started the Home Mission in 1958, it was primarily staffed with middle to older aged women who worked within their communities to care for the sick and those most in need. Some visited hospitals and prisons and set-up food banks and they truly made an impact in the neighborhoods they served. While these ministries remain extremely important, the Church of God by Faith is seeking a new direction in mission work and CTI is prepared to assist in this process. Read more here. 
  student resources 


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